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The Benefits of Coloring Pages and Books

Coloring pages often brings back memories of spending rainy days at the kitchen table with sticks of raw umber, olive, and mulberry. Most people had their first encounter with coloring pages and books when they were kids, whether it was a book of their favorite storybook character, planets, and stars, or their favorite superhero. Today, this hobby is more popular with adults, than children.

Coloring pages and coloring books are no longer just for children. Adult coloring books are very popular these days and many of the most popular ones are best sellers in their Amazon categories. In fact, coloring books are one-third of the top 15 best sellers in all categories. Many people have discovered that there are some psychological and health benefits of coloring, which is something children instinctively know.

By the time a person reaches adulthood, the idea of using a coloring book seems preposterous. However, over the last decade, researchers have been studying the benefit coloring offers adults.

The Main Benefits of Adult Coloring Pages

People may find it hard to believe that anything as simple as an adult coloring book can have a beneficial effect, however, research continually supports this idea. In fact, for over 100 years, researchers have known the benefits coloring pages has on the adult brain. Throughout history, famous psychiatrists, including Carl Jung, have recommended coloring to their patients.

Stress Relief

Coloring pages has stress-reducing benefits. Why? Coloring can calm the amygdala, which is the portion of the brain related to the stress and fear response. Coloring also stimulates the part of the brain responsible for logic and creativity.

In a 2005 study, coloring geometric patterns were shown to reduce anxiety in subjects after a short time. Coloring therapy has been used experimentally with people suffering from stress related disorders and anxiety. Some people report that they are able to sleep better after coloring for as little as 5 minutes before bedtime.

Creativity and Focus

There is a good reason coloring books has become popular among high-profile professionals in creative and high-stress industries. Even a short session with a coloring book can help with creativity and focus.

Some businesses make time during the work day for group coloring sessions. This is a way for employees to improve their creativity and focus during big projects. While many people think of group coloring time as a pre-school activity, many high-profile executives and professionals have joined the coloring time trend.

Social Time

Group coloring has become a popular activity in social groups and clubs that are popping up in many places. Even in small towns, you can find an adult coloring session at locations such as the library. You may also find Mom’s Nights Outs that advertise “Coloring and Wine.”

Coloring takes focus and it promotes relaxation. It’s not difficult and can be done while spending time with others and talking to friends, which is why it’s become a popular group activity. If you have children, this is an activity you can do with them.

An Alternative to Meditation

Meditation and prayer have a psychological benefit which has been well studied. However, many people find it hard to calm or “turn off” their mind.

Hands-on activities, like coloring, can offer an alternative to traditional meditation because they allow you to “do” something that does not require active concentration. Studies have shown that coloring produces the same effect on the brain, as meditation.

The Benefits Aren’t Specific to Coloring

It’s important to note that coloring may be a fun activity for children and adults, it isn’t the only creative activity that offers these benefits. Crafts, drawing, music, or even home repairs, can be meditative and therapeutic if you enjoy them. Knitting also has the ability to reduce anxiety and stress.

I’ve always notice similar effects from other creative activities like drawing, painting, and other types of DIY projects and crafts. However, I’ve found that coloring can be more relaxing than many other activities because you don’t have to create anything from scratch. With a coloring book, you only have to follow the template or pattern, which removes the need for active thought.

Coloring pages is a relaxing and fun activity. It is an inexpensive way to distress, relax, and spend time with your kids, family, or friends. Since adult coloring pages and book can be downloaded freely from our site and may be able to help you with creativity, focus, and sleep, it may be worth a try.